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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Davorcoin-more than 40% monthly growth..

UPDATED 8th Feb 2018:

  • What is DavorCoin? DavorCoin is a new cryptocurrency. It's main focus is it's Lending platform, which makes money from arbitrage.
  • What can I do with DavorCoin? You can trade the coin, stake it and of course the main feature of the coin is lend it. The interest you get on the lending will be made by arbitrage.
  • How do I start lending on DavorCoin? First make an account on DavorCoin, you can do so here. Then go to the wallet tab on the right, go to "bitcoin" and deposit funds to your personal address. Next, go to the exchange tab and buy some Dav coins. To start lending, go to the lending button, choose "start lending" and fill in the amount of USD you want to start lending.
  • What are the lending interest rates like? The interest rates of Davor are hoovering around 1.5% per day.
  • Not receiving verification email after signup? DavorCoin verification is having some trouble verifying signups made via hotmail account. Try using a gmail account instead for signup. If you really want to use your original email adress, sent an email to support@davor.io to ask for verification. They usually respond within a day or two.