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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to withdraw from Bitconnect , after the crash . .

Have you seen your login page as the one above. Just like most of you who lost considerable amount in Bitconnect, here I will show you one way,, by which I was able to take out whatever BCC was left, before the site completely vanishes.

First you need to open a free account in this Exchange which supports 25 wallets, fortunately BCC as well.

1. Open Account here

2.Then in your Dashboard Click, the purse button.

3. Then from the list Choose BCC and Click Replenish

4. then you will get your BCC depositing unique address.

5. Then go to and Click Send BCC
Enter the BCC address you copied above, and Click Withdraw

6. Then you get a success message like the one below

Wait for a few hours and then you will find your BCC balance in your purse ( wallet). There is also a live help in site through which you can ask any doubts.

Video on how to transfer from Bitconnect BCC

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